The Walter Family stems from a long line of lineage that has been rooted in Agriculture. Since the day our German/Russian ancestors immigrated here, we have been Blessed by God to be able to grow our families in rich traditions, and joys that Farming and Ranching Brings. 

The Walter Family

We are a ranching, farming, and calf back-grounding family operation that now has spanned over five generations. The ranch headquarters, and farm office, is located eleven miles north of Hudson, CO. We farm in the Ft.Lupton area, raising corn, wheat, alfalfa, and grass forages. Our main pasture lands are in  south-central Weld Co., and nearly all of our cattle graze on mountain summer pasture in Granby, Walden, Silverthorn, Jefferson, and the Frasier Valley. The pasture that we turn out on extends from 7,000 Ft. to over 9,500 Ft. Terry has owned black angus cattle since he was eight years old. His parents gave him his first heifer (Barbara Blackcap of SSA) purchased from their neighbor Bill Frank. Since that beginning, now forty six years later, we've continuously built a functional and productive commercial Angus cow herd. In 2003 Terry was given the opportunity to work into a partnership with Roy Wardell, a 75+ year old cow herd. That was a wonderful blessing that he is very thankful for today. That was the start of WXW and is now Walter Angus of Hudson, Colorado.